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About Us

Police Sport purpose is to promote sport for all members from social to representative level. At a national level we will support events in which members have the opportunity to compete. Selected competitors can gain International selection and Police Sport has existing relationships with international Police Sport committees/organisations who provide International competition in a variety of sports.


The New Zealand Police have had a sports division since 1961.  The original organisation was called the NZ Police Council of Sport and existed under that name until July 2013 when the administration rebranded to a more identifiable entity called simply Police Sport.

Currently our membership consists of around 4,500.  That number includes active police employees, both sworn constabulary and police employees, and also retired staff.  Our membership is the largest employee based sports body in New Zealand and reflects around 40% of all current serving police employees.

Our Aim

The aim of the Police Sport organisation is to actively encourage, promote and coordinate police sport, games and recreation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to foster and encourage sport and fitness for all police employees.

Priorities / Philosophy

Police Sport has several priorities and philosophies which it follows.

The principles which should be followed are:

·         As many people as possible should be encouraged to participate

·         Sport and recreation should be used to enhance the fitness and wellbeing of participants

·         Events should provide the opportunity to build team work and camaraderie for NZ Police members

·         Sporting contacts should provide opportunities to enhance NZ Police objectives, particularly cultural awareness, public relations and community policing

·         Those who contribute to Police Sport are those who should benefit most from its activities.