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Police Sport Executive

To ensure the continual success of a sport within the Police a committee is the best solution. If one person alone organises the event its longevity is dependent upon that person being able to commit to the event, if they leave or are unable to continue with this role the event will most likely fall over. A committee ensures the workload is shared, that a variety of ideas are considered, helps with the enthusiasm and keeps the sport evolving. Each sport receiving funding will be required to form a National committee.

Police Sport Structure

There are two major facets to the activities of Police Sport.  They are district sport at the local level and national tournaments and teams.  Sport Code Reps should focus on national tournaments and teams.  Each police district has two District Reps who look after sports and recreation at that level.

Police Sport receives its income from automatic fortnightly deductions from its members, Police Association funding and some financial and other material assistance from the NZ Police.  Each year, money from every member’s subscription is returned to his/her District for the promotion of local sport and recreation at district levels.  The District Reps have a good deal of discretion as to where they direct those funds.  Some of it could be to support district teams to national events or tournaments.

Police Sport has a National Management Committee of eleven members based in Wellington, including the Chairman Brett Shields, Treasurer Tracy Daly and General Manager Dave Gallagher, who is a part-time paid employee.  Dave’s office is at the RNZPC (extn. 43139).  That Committee and Dave run Police Sport on a day to day basis.

The Sport Code Reps organise their particular sports on a national basis and have a lot of discretion to do what they want and how they want to do it.

General Manager

Dave Gallagher
Royal New Zealand Police College
Ext. 43139


Brett Shields
Counties Manukau

Vice Chairman

Kerry Fenton
Upper Hutt
Ext. 47416

National Treasurer

Tracy Daly
Ext. 39077

National Committee

Chris Lucy
Ext. 32054

National Committee

Dave Wishnowsky
Palmerston North

National Committee

Rob McCaskie
Ext. 78344

National Committee

Mike Sears

National Committee

Tracey McCarthy
Ext. 49804