Police Sport - Rugby

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New Zealand Police Rugby Team

Selected at the Winter Tournament


  1. Joseph Reuben (Northland)
  2. Liam Smart (Canterbury)
  3. Roger Dustow (Auckland)
  4. Matt Davidson (Southland)
  5. William Mafi (Northland)
  6. Simon Coffey (Wellington)
  7. Silao Nansen (Counties)
  8. Tain Lam (Auckland)
  9. Marcus Saunders (Southland)
  10. Stephen CROSS (Wellington)
  11. Rikki Simmonds (Wellington)
  12. William Black (Northland)
  13. Edward Gardiner (Southland)
  14. Phil Brown (Southland)
  15. Juan Benadie (Southland)


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Organiser Name

Rugby Coordinator Stephen Cross
Location Hutt Valley
Extension number
Mobile number