Police Sport - Softball

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Police Sport are hosting the 2017 Inter-services softball tournament Feb 14 - 17 at Davis Field Trentham.

This is to celebrate Police's involvement in Inter-Services Softball for 50 years.

Further information from:

John Love (men's team)

Jo Wigman (women's team).

The women's team to compete in the tournament is:

Nadia Mauriohooho

Brooke Douglas

Taylah MacDonald

Natalie Hone

Jo Wigman

KJ Skudder

Kylie Kennett

Shelly Hill

Meagan Lyle

Vanessa Paki Paki

Toni Wall

Mel Hinga

Victoria Ward

Amanda Jensen - Manager

Stephen Wairau - Coach


Date Feb 14 - Feb 17 2017

New Zealand Inter-Services Feb 14 - Feb 17  2017.

Davis Field Trentham

Organiser Name

Softball Coordinator John Love
Location Counties Manakau
Extension number
Mobile number

Organiser Name

Softball Coordinator Jo Wigman
Location PNHQ
Extension number
Mobile number

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