About Police Sport

What we do...

The purpose of Police Sport is to foster sporting participation among all members, ranging from social activities to representative engagements. Nationally, we extend support to events that offer members opportunities for competition. Exceptional competitors may earn international selection, facilitated by Police Sport’s established connections with various international police sport committees and organizations, enabling participation in a diverse range of sports on an international stage.

Our Priorities & Philosophy

Police Sport has several priorities and philosophies which it follows. The principles that should be followed are:
  • As many people as possible should be encouraged to participate
  • Sport and recreation should be used to enhance the fitness and wellbeing of participants
  • Events should provide the opportunity to build teamwork and camaraderie for NZ Police members
  • Sporting contacts should provide opportunities to enhance NZ Police objectives, particularly cultural awareness, public relations, and community policing
  • Those who contribute to Police Sport are those who should benefit most from its activities.

Our History

Established in 1961

The New Zealand Police have had a sports division since 1961. The original organisation was called the NZ Police Council of Sport and existed under that name until July 2013 when the administration rebranded to a more identifiable entity called simply Police Sport.

Currently our membership consists of around 5,000. That number includes active police employees, both sworn constabulary and police employees, and also retired staff. Our membership is the largest employee based sports body in New Zealand and reflects around 40% of all current serving police employees.

Our Aim

The aim of the Police Sport organisation is to actively encourage, promote and coordinate police sport, games and recreation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to foster and encourage sport and fitness for all police employees.

How do we operate?

Police Sport activities are divided into two primary components: district sport at the local level and participation in national tournaments and teams. The responsibility of focusing on national tournaments and teams falls upon the Sport Code Reps. At the local level, each police district is overseen by two District Reps who manage sports and recreational activities.

The funding for Police Sport is sourced from multiple channels, including automatic fortnightly deductions from members, financial support from the Police Association, and supplementary assistance from the NZ Police. Annually, a portion of the subscription fees from members is allocated back to their respective districts to promote local sports and recreation initiatives. The District Reps exercise considerable discretion in the allocation of these funds, which may include support for district teams participating in national events or tournaments.

The governance of Police Sport is entrusted to a National Management Committee comprised of nine members, led by Chairman Stefan McIntyre, Treasurer Tracy Daly, and part-time General Manager Kerry Fenton. This committee, along with Kerry, manages the day-to-day operations of Police Sport.

Sport Code Reps are responsible for organising their respective sports at the national level, enjoying significant autonomy in decision-making regarding their activities and strategies. They have the flexibility to pursue their objectives according to their discretion and preferred methodologies.

Our Committee

Police Sport has a National Management Committee of nine members, including Chairman Stefan McIntyre, Treasurer Tracy Daly, and General Manager Kerry Fenton, a part-time paid employee.

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National Committee

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National Committee

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