Awards & Recognition

The annual awards acknowledge Police sportspeople performing at the highest level, as well as the hard work of officials and administrators.

NZ Police Sportsperson of the Year

1970   Warwick Nicholl T&F Hammer Thrower
NZ captain 1974 Commonwealth Games Team
1971   Maurice ‘Mocky’ Brereton Rugby League-Kiwis
1972   Geoff Brand Soccer
1973   Roger Millard Basketball
1974   Jacob Schriek Cycling- C/wealth Games
1975   Linley Shute Basketball
1976   John Hughes Ultra Distance Running
1977   Stu Conn All Black
1978   GT O’Reardon Basketball
1979   Daniel O’Connell NZ Crosscountry -Harrier
1980   Lindsay Dow Softball
1981   Geoff Old All Black
1982   M R Fitzsimons Hockey
1983   Glenda Hughes Athletics C/wealth Games rep
1984   Paul Dyson Waterpolo
1985   Carl Gould Softball

NZ Police Council of Sport Trophy 1970 – 1985

Ford NZ Police Sportsperson of the Year

1986    Murray Pierce All Black
1987    Sam Stewart Rugby League-Kiwi
1988    John Gallagher All Black
1989    Andrew Collins Athletics
1990    Karen Vaughan Martial Arts
1991    Rodger Gray Soccer –All Whites
1992    Phil Skogland Lawn Bowls
1993    Sarah Illingworth Cricket
1994    Shane Collins Hockey
1995    Stephen Farrell Triathlon
1996    Blair Larsen All Black
1997    Scott Anderson Hockey
1998    Regina Sheck Rugby- Black Fern
1999    Karen Smith Hockey Commonwealth Games
2000   Jenny-May Coffin Silver Ferns & Touch

Ford NZ Police Sportsperson of the Year Trophy

NZ Police Association Sportsperson of the Year

2001    Steve Westlake and Matt Goodman Trans-Atlantic Rowing
2002    Shane Bond Cricket- Black Caps
2003    Steve Westlake and Matt Goodman Trans-Atlantic Rowing
2004    Nicola Lindley Ironman
2005    Tracey Ball Cowboy Action Shooting
2006    Michelle Nunn Wheelchair Basketball
2007    Jeff McGrath Ironman
2008    Grainne Scott Lacrosse
2009    Jeff McGrath Ironman
2010    Sian Law Wrestling
2011    Fiao’o Fa’amausili Black Ferns Rugby
2012    Melissa-Mae Ruru Beach Volleyball
2013    Selica Winiata Black Ferns Rugby
2014    Rachel Clarke Surf Ski
2015    Rachel Clarke Surf ski
2016    Fiao’o Fa’amausili Black Ferns Rugby
2017    Fiao’o Fa’amausili Black Ferns Rugby
2018    Selica Winiata Black Ferns Rugby
2019    Katie Perkins Cricket White Ferns
2020    Katie Perkins Cricket White Ferns
2021    Elizabeth (Ella) Gunson Hockey White Sticks
2022    Haimona Tamati – Te Paki Martial Arts
2023    Angie Keen Tri Athlete and Multi Sports

Angie Keen – Sportsperson of the Year 2023

Gordon Hogg Memorial Trophy

NZ Police Sport Administrator of the Year Award

1984    Chief Inspector R.P. Dallow Auckland
1985    Senior Sergeant I.C. Paterson Hamilton
1986    Senior Constable M.H. Lindsay Blenheim
1987    Senior Constable T. Dennis Papatoetoe
1988    Senior Constable Graeme Hodge Wanganui
1989    Senior Constable Keith Huxford Wellington
1990    Superintendent Earl Cooper Wellington
1991    Senior Constable Ron Hibbs Greymouth
1992    Sergeant Lindsay Dow Invercargill
1993    Senior Constable Bob Harnor Mount Maunganui
1994    Detective Gordon Hunter Dunedin
1995    Senior Constable Joe Diamond Wellington
1996    Detective Inspector Norman Cook Wellington
1997    Mr Keith Schultz Wanganui
1998    Inspector Gary Allcock Auckland
1999    S/Sgt Dave Donaldson Rotorua
2000    S/Constable Stephen Donnell RNZPC
2001    S/Constable Kerry Fenton Upper Hutt
2002    William Drake Greymouth
2003    S/Sgt Dave Donaldson Rotorua
2004    Helen Mahon-Stroud Papanui
2005    Ian Paulin Invercargill
2006    Elizabeth Dellaway Hamilton West
2007    Paul Claridge Palmerston North
2008    John Love Mangere
2009    John Love Mangere
2010    Michael Hannah Hawera
2011    Dereck McCarthy RNZPC
2012    Stewart Hewett Oamaru
2013    Dereck McCarthy RNZPC
2014    Jeff McGrath RNZPC
2015    Ben Grant Timaru
2016    Mike O’Leary Napier
2017    Sally Morrison
2018    S/Sgt Graham Perks Rotorua
2019    Constable Ben Grant Timaru
2020    S/Constable Warren Bunn Northland
2021    S/Constable David Cowie Alexandra
2022    D/Sergeant Darren Neves Waitemata
2023    S/ Constable Toni Wall Dunedin

Dr W J Treadwell Trophy

NZ Police Referee/Umpire of the Year Award

1995    Det/Sgt Dave Quested Christchurch
1996    Constable Colin Hawke Timaru
1997    Constable Bruce Grimshaw Hastings
1998    No award
1999    S/Constable Bruce Grimshaw Hastings
2000    S/Constable Bruce Grimshaw Hastings
2001    S/Sgt Steve Sargent Porirua
2002    D/Sgt Graeme Reisima Masterton
2003    Constable Vincent Munro Papanui
2004    Sergeant Brent Murray Lower Hutt
2005    Constable Diane Limbrey Wanganui
2006    Constable Vincent Munro Papanui
2006    Constable Diane Limbrey Wanganui
2007    Sergeant Michael George Kapiti
2008    Constable Tony Tumai Papakura
2009    Snr/Constable Vinny Munro Papanui
2010    Constable Diane Limbrey Wanganui
2011    Sergeant Stan Wagner Kilbirnie
2012    Constable Chris Gaffaney Dunedin
2013    Constable Diane Limbrey Wanganui
2014   No Award
2015   Murray Free Waitemata
2016   No Award
2017   Constable Diane Limbrey Whanganui
2018   Dereck McCarthy RNZPC
2019   Sergeant Chris McMillan Manukau
2020   Constable Selica Winiata Palmerston North
2021   Snr Sergeant Adrew Bell Counties Manukau
2022   Sergeant Diane Limbrey Wellington
2023   Constable Brad Clive Orewa

Gordon Hogg Memorial Trophy​

Toni Wall – Administrator of the Year 2023

Brad Clive – Referee Umpire of the Year 2023

Police Sport Inc. Team of the Year

2012    NZ Police Cricket Team
2017    NZ Police Rugby Team
2019    NZ Police Women’s Rugby Team
2020    NZ Police Women’s Hockey Team
2021    Manawatu Police Cricket Team
2022    Hawkes Bay Police Basketball Team
2023    NZ Police Women’s Hockey Team

NZ Police Women’s Hockey Team – Team of the Year 2023

Life Members

We like to acknowledge our Life Members who have dedicated much of their time to Police Sport. 

A very special award was given out for the 2020 year – the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Mike O’Leary.

1983   Ken Taylor
1984   Maurie Cummings
1985   Ray Read
1988   Tere French
1989   Vince Nolan
1990   Ted Lines
1992   Peter Bradley
1992   Paul Stanton
1993   Derek McKeen
1994   Dave Thurlow
1995   Peter Roose
1996   Dave Stevenson
1996   Joe Franklin
1997   Bob Harnor
2000   Stewart Davies
2001   Harry Quinn
2001   Tim Masters
2004   John Johnston
2008   Lindsay Duncan
2014   Bob Gordon
2022   Brett Shields
2022   Kerry Fenton

John O’Regan*
Gordon Hogg*
Fred Foley*
Claude Harvey*
Les Spencer*
Keith Rowe*
Bill Firman*
Arthur (Ham) Hart*
Dave Smith*
Jim Butterworth*
Graeme Perry*
Graeme Dallow*
Brian Hunter*
Doug Weal*
Roger Winter*

*These Life Members are deceased.

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